Our energy strategy is a continuation of what we have successfully done for over two decades – managing over $1.3bn CAD investment fund capital in responsibly sourced energy production. Carbon Infrastructure Partners pursues a disciplined yet creative approach to investing in the Canadian energy ecosystem.

developing long-life
energy resources

The team has always enforced a stringent ESG policy, focusing on owning and developing long-life energy resources with the lowest possible carbon-intensity.
Our investment process

Is driven by technical, operational and financial expertise combined with an extensive network of relationships developed across the sector. It is this combination that has enabled us to outperform our peers – having the reputation to originate the best opportunities and the expertise to manage the risk of a highly nuanced asset class.

Our Focus

Carbon Infrastructure Partners believes that Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin remains an attractive jurisdiction to invest for responsibly managed and sourced primary energy production.

meet growing demands from a global population

Environmental, Social & Governance Principles

drive innovation within energy production

We have always prioritized the establishment and practice of governance standards with the highest sense of fiduciary responsibility. Western Canada is a jurisdiction that exemplifies world-class regulatory standards.

Canada has adopted robust carbon-emission standards that drive innovation within energy production.

Industrial Decarbonization